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Short description of Blind Friendly Web project

An accessible web site can be useful both for the visitor and the provider of it. An accessible web site can be accessed by a handicapped user much more easily; he or she can easily navigate on it and get to the required information much more faster. If a web site is not accessible it may happen that the visually handicapped person cannot work with such web site at all.

Due to their health condition some users have more difficulties to access both the computer it self or the Internet. This is mostly in the case of visually handicapped people, however people with other handicaps as hearing difficulties or learning and concentration disabilities are considered as well. Some groups of handicapped users can use special assistive technologies that make it possible for them to use the web.

The Blind Friendly Web project that has been dealing with the accessibility for the last ten years on professional level has come with some new and innovative solutions for the web accessibility. We are the first and the only ones in the Czech Republic who concentrate on so called real accessibility that considers not only meeting the technical criterions but the real needs of the users as well. We are the only one company in the Czech Republic that has got a team of visually handicapped testers who test the web accessibility actively. We always prefer progressive approach to web accessibility and unlike other groups we concentrate primarily on the user's needs and requirements more than on exact meeting of the rules for web accessibility.

For this reason we strive for larger publicity for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) in the Czech Republic and also for its authorized translation into Czech. We also work on a new version of our own methodology that would consider the real criteria of web accessibility as much as possible.